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Department of Clinical Research of Korean Medicine
The Department of Clinical Research of Korean Medicine is the educational department of Korean Medicine Clinical Trial Center (K-CTC), which was established in 2013 based on the support of Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare and Seoul Metropolitan City government. The K-CTC is the core research department, specializing in clinical research. Our goal is to enhance the productivity of clinical trials, develop research
at an international level, and establish Korean Medicine clinical trial guidelines. With this approach, we believe we can achieve improvement in the medical care.
Our department has three goals for undergraduate and graduate students of Korean Medicine:
- To educate future clinical researchers in basic science, essential knowledge, and clinical research methodology
- To develop Korean Medicine-specific clinical research methodology
- To train multidisciplinary students, including Korean Medicine doctors, to perform clinical research
Our research is focused on Korean Medicine clinical trials, including: - Systematic review and meta-analysis of previous Korean Medicine clinical trials and scientific studies.
- Clinical trial methodology in Korean Medicine
- Development of clinical trial protocols
- Conducting clinical trials
- Medical statistics in Korean Medicine
- Survey research and qualitative research
- Economic analysis
- Translational research
Our vision is to be the world-leading clinical research team in complementary and alternative medicine. Core values of our department are standardized, causality-seeking, creative, cooperative with networks, and scientific clinical studies of Korean Medicine. Detailed information about our department and clinical trial center (K-CTC) can be accessed from our webpage (www.k-ctc.or.kr).