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Department of Clinical Research of Korean Medicine

Four-consitutional medicine is founded by Dr. Lee Je-ma through his book called Donguisusebowon(Longevity and Life Preservation in Eastern Medicine). In Four-consitutional medicine, human is divided into four distinct characters, greater yang person, greater yin person, lesser yang person and lesser yin person. These four characters have distinct physiology, pathology and treatments.

Four-Consitutional Medicine has special features such as below

① Four-Consitutional Medicine is based on four constitutional ontology : Four constitutional ontology starts from the great absolute to yin and yang to four constitution, that is, mind to mind /body to activity/mind/body/matter.
② Four-Consitutional Medicine is based on Confucian background human based mind pathology
③ Four-Consitutional Medicine focuses on mind and body together to balance those two.
④ Four-Consitutional Medicine is constitutional medicine that is based on body and mind
⑤ Based on healthy qi which is essential to life, Four-Consitutional Medicine founded constitutional symptom medicinal theory : in Four-Consitutional Medicine, diseases are divided into favorable or unfavorable according to healthy qi. Hence, we focus on balancing healthy qi's movement.
⑥ Four-Consitutional Medicine achieve prevention and life nurturing through constitutional care. Diagnosis of four constitution is analyzed through person's external shape, mind characteristic, pathological symptom, daily complaint and reaction to constitutional medicinal treatment. Recently, we use three dimensional cranial configuration analysis, body shape constitutional diagnosis system and four constitutional diagnosis questionnaire to determine person's constitution.

This department puts into clinical practice Korea's very own Constitutional medicine, which has shown to be effective in treating cerebrovascular diseases, degenerative diseases, and autoimmune diseases. Even with people diagnosed with the same western disease, the constitutional treatment can vary greatly from each constitution to constitution. Current goals of the department include the standardization of consitutional diagnosis, determining the effects of constitutional herbs and food, and finding out the correlation between genetics and Four Constitutional Medicine

You can find more about us in http://www.esasang.or.kr

1. Objectification of constitutional diagnosis
2. Standardization of constitutional symptoms diagnosisB
3. Study of philosophical origin of constitutional base
4. Clinical study of stroke, obesity, metabolic syndrome, allergy, pediatric diseases and cancer
5. Cohort study of genetic characteristic of Four Constitutional Medicine
6. Approach prevention through East-West health examination
7. Globalization of Four-Consitutional Medicine : publishing books
1. Establishment of custom medicine through Four-Consitutional Medicine
2. Acknowledgement of Four-Consitutional Medicine as traditional Korean medicine
3. Various application of Four-Consitutional Medicine
4. Cohort study of various organization and society
5. Continuous study of Four-Consitutional Medicine as new medical section