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Department of Clinical Research of Korean Medicine
Human's various mind activity is the manifestation of vitality and it is based on human body. Given that, five viscera, which are basic organs for growth and activity, essence, which is physical foundation of body, qi, blood, fluid, humor, nutrient qi and defense qi are in turn closely connected to mind activity. We diagnose damage from seven emotions, nine qi and seven qi according to traditional Korean medical etiology of fire, phelgm, blood deficiency and detriment to essence. Through these diagnosis, we use medicine, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping method and other traditional Korean medical methods. The department of Oriental Neuropsychiatry study various Oriental Medical classical texts and analyze those in modern viewpoint. Furthermore, we study eastern and western neuropsychiatry by the comparative methods. Through these efforts, we conduct various clinical study and develop new methods of treatment.
Our department is in charge of Biofunctional Medicine, which uses specialized examination to analyze body activity and offer health care based on Traditional Korean Medicine. Our goal is to promote health condition and further develop Korean Traditional Medicine. We also deal with dysautonomia in cooperation of Eastern and Western medicine.