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We treat women's diseases induced by menstruation, gestation and delivery from a viewpoint of Oriental medicine. Specifically, we specialize in pelvic pain, benign tumor of the reproductive organs, menopausal syndrome, infertility, postpartum disorder and cold hypersensitivity of hands and feet.

On the principles of Yin and Yang, we approach those diseases systematically and prescribe appropriate herbal medicine, moxibustion and acupuncture. Also we provide east-west cooperative examinations and treatment with advanced technology and machinery.
1. Menopausal syndrome clinic
In menopause stage which is characterized by hypofunction of female hormone and distraction of biorhythm, women may have symptom of heat sensation, cold sweating, frequent urination, uterine hemorrhage, amenorrhea, frigidity, pain in lower abdomen, lumbar region and joint. We diagnosis these symptoms overall and use acupuncture, moxibustion and medicinal treatment according to constitution and progress of symptom in order that women may spend a healthy life after the menopause.
2. Osteoporosis clinic
Due to excessive weight loss, stress and lack of exercise, calcium is discharged from the bone of women after menopause which leads to frequent bone fracture. We use cutting-edge devices to measure bone mass density to diagnosis osteoporosis more accurately.
3. Sanhupung(postpartum disorder) clinic
Hard labor, hemorrhage, inadequate postpartum care can cause various mental and physical symptoms, such as somatic pain, cold hypersensitivity, depressive neurosis. We call such symptoms as Sanhupung. Oriental medical care can be effective by supporting hematopoiesis, subduing inflammation and improving circulation.
4. Pelvic pain clinic
we treat pelvic pain which is chronic or cyclic. Especially cyclic pelvic pain, called dysmenorrhea, is a common symptom which most of women suffer from, and the oriental medical treatment is very effective to primary and secondary dysmenorrhea.
5. Cold hypersensitivity of hands and feet and infertility clinic
Cold hypersensitivity of hands and feet is not exactly a disease, but it can cause discomfort in daily life and be a method to evaluate current health and circulation status. Mostly, patients complain of cold hypersensitivity as a subjective symptom, it can be evaluated objective by using diagnosis device like DITI. In Oriental medicine, we explain that this symptom occurs when circulation of the qi(energy) and blood are impaired by various causes, and treat it with acupuncture, moxa, and herbal medicine. We help women who want to be pregnant by maintaining hormone balance and improving their general condition and fertility. Also we protect them from the impact induced by superovulation such as ascites, pleural fluid, hypertrophy of ovary. We also use herbal-acupuncture in gynecological areas to help various symptoms caused by menopause, postpartum disorder, pelvic pain, infertility, uterine myoma and cystoma ovarii.