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Department of Clinical Research of Korean Medicine
Today, adult diseases prevail throughout the world. Recently in Korea, cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke and cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis are becoming major causes of death. Therefore, we examine cerebrovascular diseases and cardiovascular diseases based on physiological and pathological knowledge. Furthermore, we study diagnosis, treatment and prevention of such diseases.
A) Study (mostly clinical) of cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular and neurological diseases
B) Education : The courses for university and graduate school
We educate the interrelation and consideration about cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, stroke and its relative diseases.
C) Education : The courses for residents
① Maintaining role as University Hospital
② The education of the heart system to cultivate expert knowledge
③ Providing opportunities to train elites for various Traditional Korean medical departments
D) Outpatient Service
Common outpatient service, special outpatient service (hypertension, prevention of stroke, and arrhythmia) and cooperation of Eastern and Western medical treatment (stroke center)
E) Hospital Treatme
Hospital treatment for outpatients and ambulatory patients
1) Stroke Prevention Clinic
Our goal is to discover the cause of stroke by individual's constitution and viscera-bowels' deficiency and excess and ultimately, take care and prevent stroke. We periodically examine the people who have diseases that possibly cause stroke and take care of those causes to prevent stroke. If stroke do occur, we will proceed with early and proper treatment.

2) Hypertension Clinic
Our goal is to maintain blood pressure level and prevent complicating diseases based on medical tests on blood. The treatment methods can be divided into two categories, medicinal therapy and non-medicinal therapy. Non-medicinal therapy involves dietetic treatment, kinesitherapy, relaxation therapy, meditation and abstaining smoking and drinking alcohol. For medicinal therapy, we prescribe medicinal according to location of disease, patient's constitution, and symptom. We also use acupuncture treatment and antihypertensive drugs along with medicinal therapy. With these various approaches, we can expect patients get better. Also, if person over forty has symptoms above(상기와 같은인데 위에 아무증상이 안적혀있음), then we recommend to take periodical tests on blood pressure.

3) Arrhythmia clinic
Arrhythmia is caused by various abnormal activities of electric signal pathway in heart. If the electric signal from sinoatrial node is generated slowly or electric signal is generated in a place other than signal pathway, it may cause either premature beat or tachycardia. In Traditional Korean Medicine, an arrhythmia occurs when in the condition of heart's qi and blood deficiency, heart deficiency with timidity, phlegm-fluid retention or static blood. These conditions are induced by overexertion, unstable psychological state, drugs, alcohol.
Today, the pattern of disease is changing due to increase in human life span. Especially with increase in old-age population, arteriosclerosis, stroke, cerebrovascular dementia and other cardio-cerebrovascular diseases become more common. Also, developed countries proceed with research on undeveloped field of brain and relative issues. Therefore, based on Traditional Korean medicine, we are working hard to research and have clinical trial on the pathology, diagnosis and treatment of theses diseases and disorders.