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Pharmacology is the science which investigates changes of vital phenomena caused by medicinal. It belongs to basic Oriental medicine, and yet it is deeply related to clinical Oriental medicine since its ultimate purpose is to reasonably apply medicinal on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.

This department is currently conducting in-depth studies on efficacy mechanism of Oriental medicinal substances that are used mostly in clinics.
1) Research the world's highest level of unique efficacy mechanism of Oriental medicinal.
2) Researches on the basics of Oriental medicine and clinical studies that can be supported by complete
    equipment of Western scientific research facility.
3) Development of a new concept of 제형 or researches on the increase of efficacy using fermentation
    engineering and excavating new efficacies.
4) Study the relevance of genetic factor to the four constitutions.
1) Demonstration of experimental efficacy of traditional Oriental medicinal substances
    (including the four-constitution prescription)
2) Publication of an international journal on Oriental medicine(Oriental Pharmacy & Experimental Medicine)
    - a registered nominee at Korea Research Foundation
3) Publication of a total of 339 research treatises(original article) on SCI-level journals
4) Development of 10 brands of Oriental medical products, such as cures for arthritis and allergy, obesity
    regulator, cholesterol regulator, immune enhancer, and anticancer agent