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The department of anatomy researches embryology, anatomical histology, and neuroanatomy by comparatively studying the Oriental medical principle of understanding the human body structure in whole and its application, as well as structural names.
1) Researches on the efficacy of Oriental medicinal, acupuncture, and moxibustion from the perspective of
   histochemistry, neuroanatomy, and morphometry.
2) Development of an animal model fit for Oriental medical experiment, based on the structure and
    characteristics of vertebrates.
3) Comparative studies of the structure of bodily organs and their systematic relationships to viscera and
    bowels of Oriental medicine.
4) Studies on malformation and structural characteristics according to one's development process and
5) Researches on the structural meaning of Oriental medical theories.
1) Researches on the efficacy of Oriental medicinal, acupuncture and moxibustion relating to brain metabolism
    and blood flow.
2) Researches on structural meaning through characteristics of acupuncture points and meridian distribution.
3) Classification of human physiques using biometrics and establishment of standard physiques.
4) Researches on correlation between functional system of Oriental medicine and structural system of
    Western medicine.
5) Researches on the mechanism of the structure and functions of airway ciliated epithelium.
6) Researches on ischemic damage.
7) Researches on visualization of the brain function using [14C]2-Deoxyglucose autoradiography.
8) Researches on the mechanism and tractus systematis nervosi centralis of acupuncture stimulation.