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Formula is a part of a process so-called 'principles, methods, formulas and medicinals'. Formula is something that is composed by identifying symptoms, finding out the cause of disease, deciding on the method of treatment, choosing and blending appropriate medicinal material, deciding on the dosage, and blending properly according to the rules of composition, and it is also a significant means of pattern identification. Prescriptionology is a field of study which studies methods of treatment, formulaic theories, and clinical applications.
It is the foundation of every clinical department. Moreover, it researches the evolution of the drug forms and development of new material for more convenient and modern use.
1) Research and analysis of medicinal material of the right origin
2) Researches on the drug components, dosages, and efficacy shown in classics of formula
3) Researches on couplet medicinals
4) Education and researches on the basic theories of formula, blending rules, and clinical application
5) Researches on modernizing and making simple various Oriental medicinals
6) Training, education, and researches on drug forms and decocting method
7) Researches on dosage correlation and drug efficacy mechanism of formula
8) Researches on an objective efficacy assessment indicator of formula
1) Establishment of classification system of prescription according to pattern identification
2) Secure academic foundation of prescriptionology by establishing basic theories and terminologies in the
   field of formula study
3) Studies on the efficacy and range of application of formula connected to the clinics
4) A wide range of research fields thanks to its connection with the clinics
5) Research and Development of prescription for new diseases
6) Contribute to broadening the applicative range of Oriental medicine by developing new drug form and