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The department of pathology studies pathology, which is the most basic theory of Oriental medicine. Oriental pathology includes subject matters such as cause of diseases, pathogenic qi, and pattern identification, and it understands and explains diseases from the perspective of Oriental medicine.

1) Arrange with inductive method the disease-analyzing process which is shown in Oriental medical classics
   such as Huangdi's Internal Classic, Classic of Difficult Issues, and Treatise on Cold Damage Diseases.
2) Suggest Oriental medical method of analyzing diseases.
3) Determine the types of pattern identification, which is the result of disease analysis.
4) Suggest animal model for pattern identification.
5) Suggest the probability of equipment usage in pattern identification.
6) Introduce state-of-the-art experimental techniques and search for Oriental medical application.

1) Establish diagnostic standardization through analysis of pattern identification
2) Produce experimental animal model of pattern identification
3) Establish objectivity of pattern identification using equipments
4) Search for Oriental medical remedy for cancer