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Physiology is the most basic study of Oriental medicine which focuses on the physiological state of the human body. Department of physiology studies the function of each organ and their interrelationships, with methods based on principles forming its foundation
1) Studies on the mechanism and function of components of the human body such as essence, spirit, qi, and blood.
2) Studies on the correlativity between each body part and the five viscera and its validity.
3) Studies on the transformation of six qi and correlativity of human body parts.
4) Studies on the scientific suitability and deep understanding of the five circuits theory.
5) Studies on the adaptation process of the human body to the internal and external environmental changes.

1) Oriental medical understanding of embryologic process and reanalysis
2) Study material shifting, excitement and conduction, and bodily fluids in order to observe vital phenomena
3) Establish basic Oriental medical theories by researching various kinds of physiological functions of the human body
4) Pursuit of third medicine which includes East-West medicine and 유기능이론
5) Study the correlation among psychological state, five visceral functions, and constitutions

Agreement on the establishment of sisterhood with Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory, Mclean hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard University, USA for the exchange of academic information and human resources(2001)